Header Image

Deactivating the Slider

If you wish to have a static header image on the homepage of your site rather than a slider you must ensure to disable the slider as the slider takes priority over the header image and will always display if active. To deactivate the slider navigate to Appearance > Customize > Slider and select “None” from the Slider dropdown.

Setting a Header Image

To select a Header Image to display on your homepage navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header Image.

Formatting the Overlay Text

Wrapping your overlay text in <h1> or <h2> tags will give it a heading style and wrapping it in <p> tags will give it a body style. For example the following HTML will produce the same result as the first slide on the Shopstar! demo site:

<h2>Fashion is what you buy</h2>
Style is what you do with it

Adding a Button

To add a button to the overlay just add a normal HTML link to the URL you would like the button to direct to and give it a class of “button” like this:

<a href="http://www.outtheboxthemes.com/" class="button">Button Text</a>