Homepage Template

The homepage of the Shopstar! demo site was created with Elementor Page Builder.

Plugins used in this Template

Importing the Template

  1. Install Elementor Page Builder.
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Page Layouts, locate the Shopstar! homepage template in the list and click the Import button.
  3. Once the template has finished importing it will be added to your Elementor Templates which can be viewed under Templates

Inserting the Template into a Page

  1. Edit the page you wish to insert the template into and click the Edit with Elementor button.
  2. Once the Elementor editor has loaded you will see a block on the page with text that reads “Drag widget here” with a folder icon above the text. Click the folder icon and you will see a popup with the option to import your own page template.
  3. Click the My Templates tab at the top of the popup and you will see a list of the templates currently in your Elementor template library.
  4. Locate the Shopstar! homepage template in the list and click the green Insert button.
  5. Once you’ve inserted the template please ensure that the correct page layout is selected by clicking the small cog icon at the bottom left of the page. Once you’ve clicked it you will see a General Settings panel with a Page Layout dropdown located at the bottom. The correct page layout for the Shopstar! homepage is “Full Width, No Bottom Margin”.