One Page Mode

With CityLogic Premium you can turn your site into a one page site with ease just by changing the site mode. You will find this setting under Appearance > Customize > Layout. When you select the “One Page” option from the Mode dropdown you will be presented with some additional settings that will let you configure your one page site.

Please note: In order for One Page mode to function properly you must have a Primary Menu assigned.


This setting presents you with a list of all of your published pages. You can then select the ones that you wish to display on the homepage. The pages will appear in the same order as they do in the primary navigation menu. If you choose to display any pages that are not in the navigation menu they will appear last in the default page order. Of course you can also choose to include pages in your navigation menu that you don’t want to display on your homepage. These will just function like the links on a normal multi-page site.

Zebra Stripe

Enabling this setting will color the background of every 2nd page that displays on your homepage, like the stripes of a zebra. You can set the color that you would like this to be.

Highlight the first menu item

In case you don’t actually want the first menu item in your navigation menu to be highlighted by default when the page loads, you can disable this setting.

Display the title of the first page

Likewise if you don’t want the title of the first page on your homepage to display you can disable this setting. This is handy if you wish to have some preamble on your site which doesn’t actually require a section title.

Show a dividing line between pages

If you don’t wish to use the zebra stripe method to show the division between your pages you can enable this setting which will display a more subtle dividing line between them.