New Navigation Menu Settings in CityLogic

We’ve added some great new navigation menu settings to our CityLogic WordPress theme making it even more versatile than it already was.

If you’re already using the Premium theme you’ll find them under Appearance > Customize > Header > Navigation Menu

If you haven’t yet upgraded be sure to check out what the Premium upgrade has to offer.

Menu Position

First up is a setting that allows you to position the navigation menu below any media you have in the header of the page (eg. a slider, image or video). This setting can only be accessed when the navigation menu alignment is set to Left aligned or Centered.

CityLogic WordPress theme navigation menu below slider

Bound and Overhang

Next up is a setting that allows you to set the Bound of the navigation menu to Boxed or Full Width. By default this is set to Full Width which means the menu will stretch across the full width of the screen. Setting it to Boxed will constrain it to the width of the center content area.

When used in conjunction with our new Overhang setting it creates a really cool overlap effect. The Overhang setting is only available for use when the navigation menu position is set to Below header media.

CityLogic WordPress theme boxed navigation menu below slider with overhang

That’s it for now but stay tuned because we’re always adding new features to our themes!

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