Premium Features

  • Layout

    • Turn your site into a one page website by enabling One Page mode
    • Choose between a boxed layout or a full width layout
    • Display a "back to top" button
  • Fonts

    • Set the font weight and letter spacing of the site title
    • Set the font weight and letter spacing of the headings
    • Set the font weight and letter spacing of the body text
  • Colors

    • Set the color of the mobile menu button / hamburger menu
    • Set the colour of the mobile menu and mobile menu font
  • Social Media

    • Link to all your social media profiles - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
    • Place your social media links in any widgetized area with the Social Media Links widget
    • Add one custom Font Awesome icon of your choice and set the URL it should link to
  • Header

    • Enable the Sticky Header so that your logo and navigation menu are always visible when scrolling
  • Slider

    • Link your slides to any post or page
    • Enable the slideshow mode for the slider so that it scrolls automatically
    • Set the color and opacity of the text overlay
    • Select the transition effect of the slider
    • Display any third party slider plugin on any page or Blog post via the Slider Shortcode field
  • Header Image

    • Link the header image to any page or post
    • Set the color and opacity of the text overlay
    • Display a different header image on any page of the site
  • Sidebars

    • Choose to display a Secondary or Shop sidebar on any of your pages
  • Page Titles

    • Hide the page title on a specific page by changing the page template
    • ...or choose to hide all page and post titles across the whole site
  • Blog

    • Hide the author, date, tags and categories, and comment count on the Blog
    • Choose between the side layout, top layout or masonry grid layout for the Blog page
    • Put the Blog into full width mode
    • Turn off cropping of the Featured Image
    • Disable the displaying of the Featured Image on your single Blog post page
    • Set the style of the Featured Image to be either round, square or default
    • Set the alignment of the Featured Image to left, right or alternating left and right.
    • Set the Featured Image to link through to the blog post
    • Display a different header image on any post or the category and tag pages by setting the Header Image field
    • Remove the title prefix text from the Category and Tag pages
  • Search

    • Set the search results page to be full width
  • Footer

    • Choose to show or hide the footer widgets area
    • Set the copyright text in the footer
    • Set the number of widgets you wish to display per row
    • Choose to show or hide the footer bottom bar
    • Display the bottom bar in a standard or centered layout
  • Mobile

    • Upload a mobile logo and set the screen width at which you want it to appear
    • Expand the mobile logo to fill the entire width and height of the header
    • Choose whether or not to display the mobile logo and site title and tagline at the same time
    • Set the screen width at which you want the mobile menu to activate
    • Make embedded videos responsive by enabling the FitVids library - this includes YouTube and Vimeo


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Searching for the perfect theme can feel a bit like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Well now you can stop looking and start building because we’ve designed CityLogic to be your new go-to theme!

It’s modest but eye-catching design makes it a great choice for creating any website from travel to business to food, decor, lifestyle, sport and more. The transparent header allows the use of bold homepage imagery by displaying either a static header image or slider – with the choice of using the built-in slider or any 3rd party slider plugin of your choice.

CityLogic integrates seamlessly with a number of popular FREE plugins such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and Recent Posts Widget Extended. It also works great with SiteOrigin’s Page Builder plugin making it quick and easy to create professional looking pages without any coding knowledge.

You’re always one step ahead with CityLogic!

  • Current version: 10.0.0
  • Last updated: 29th August 2017
  • Tested up to: WordPress 4.8.1
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