How do I create a one page site?

You can turn your site into a one page site with ease by changing the site mode. You will find this setting under Appearance > Customize > Layout. When you select the “One Page” option from the Mode dropdown you will be presented with a couple of additional settings that will let you configure your READ MORE

Can I edit the styling of the theme?

The danger with editing the stylesheet of the theme is that any time you install an update for the theme it will erase your changes. So the best way to make style changes without that happening is by using a custom CSS plugin. I recommend SiteOrigin’s CSS editor. You can install it by logging into READ MORE

How do I create my own slides?

To create your own slides for the default slider all you need to do is create a new post where the Featured Image field (located in the right sidebar of the post) is the slide image. Any text you enter into the WYSIWYG editor will appear over the slide. So if you leave this empty READ MORE